What do you get when you combine luxury drug ships, spurs, two vegans, and a flexitarian?

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Certainly something close to our show Thursday March 28th at the Pinhook.

Continuing our series of interviews with bands we share the stage with, I asked the bands we’re playing with this Thursday a few questions:

  1. What makes a live show still relevant?
  2. What show/concert was the most influential on how you view performance?
  3. Will you still be playing shows at 85?

Will they be playing shows well beyond the time when Senior discounts set in?  Read the interviews here.

Thursday March 28th at the Pinhook (invite)

As Dave Cantwell noted, we stole Ross‘s band descriptions, because they are funny and more or less apt:

JK+5/5= Springsteeny rock-gospel (http://jkutchma.com/)
DY=Dirty-n-loud metallo artrock (http://www.facebook.com/DrugYacht)
BB=Skewed K-Records-style artpop (http://belovedbinge.com/)