Little Red Robbing Hood

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The other day Rob pointed out that it’s been almost six months since we released our album — and only one video! Certainly, we had to think about firing someone in our production and marketing department.

Well, with a quick iPhone filming, our backyard, Syba, and some imagination, we fixed that.  We bring you video #2, for “Hello, Hi” from Pockets.

I’m kind of amazed at how casually this came together BUT ALSO MAKES SENSE — but perhaps you won’t be after viewing.

The song covers some pretty non-water-cooler topics of abduction and general taking without permission  (choosing to use animals for our food).  Rather than literally show that story, good ‘ol Riding Hood serves as a side of soup to accompany our snappy song crackers.

We’re also firing the writer.  Who writes this crap?