More shows! (almost) full Europe lineup

Paris flyer

Paris flyer in window of Les Cariatides

So excited to have added more dates to our tour!  Still pending are shows in Greece … hopefully more soon.


May 5 LEEDS UK at Wharf Chambers: Jean Ralphio’s Sister, Beloved Binge, and DON’T at Wharf Chambers

May 6 BRISTOL UK at Roll for the Soul: Bristol’s community bike cafe with Y CVn

May 7 LONDON UK at Underbelly, Hoxton Square:

May 9 PARIS FR Cariatides Bar @ Cariatides – with LUX MONTES and Zodiak Folk

May 10 AMSTERDAM at de Tanker w/ My Kingdom for a Horse

May 14 BERLIN, DE at the Culture Container – Beloved Binge at Culture Container, Berlin

May 15 PRAUGE, CZ at Baryton Music Cafe with Vobedzud:

May 16 BRNO, CZ at Schrott.  Lineup: Lamram Jam – trip-rock-underground (Brno), Sounds of Occupation – grunge-rock (Irsko – Morava), Beloved Binge – post post indie (USA), 000 – hard-pop trivial (Morava)

Authors reading: Lenka Hajdučková – autorské čtení (Slovensko), Pavel Šuhájek – autorské čtení (Brno), J. E. Frič – autorské čtení (Brno)

May 18 BUDAPEST, Hungary with Anton Vezuv at “kis á”

May 20 SOFIA, Bulgaria Нов Берлин – Neuberlin with TBA

June 5, 6, 12, or 13 ATHENS GR

We will keep our Facebook tour dates invite updated here.


Trying to read a book from every country -

See below

Trying to read a book from every country (Syba and I)

Post Post Indie

10 Year Bandiversary Photo by Kim Gray Photography

10 Year Bandiversary Photo by Kim Gray Photography


Thanks to Paris Voice for covering out show!


Our European Tour is shaping up – we have only three outstanding shows and the rest booked!

For updated stops, see our Tour page.



Europe tour shows and local show!

We’re excited. Check out the tour page and Facebook invite for up-to-date shows.

Note that we added a local show to kick off our tour – the Local 506 with SALES and Laney Jones. Come say hello/g’bye!


And, drumroll … our tour poster:


beloved binge tour poster

More on why we’re calling this our Bad Habits tour shortly.  (Spoiler alert: it’s not because we took up smoking.)

New video for “Miso (I don’t like people)”

ET Video

E.T. Phoned Home and said he was happy to appear in our video


We’re invoking ole-ole-ole all around. In a rare (collect) call E.T. told us it was A.O.K. to feature him in his Arc de Dumpdump Atari 2600 video game.

Not only did we make a video from a previous album without having finished videos for our current album, but we also used archival footage from Lost in Space and the US Army. On the video game front, Defender also makes an appearance.

Nothing says alienation from people like aliens. Enjoy.

Christmas at the Cave (sort of)

BB at the Pinhook

Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge, by Kim Gray


We are so excited to be returning to the Cave on Saturday December 20th!

Beloved Binge is playing 3rd, and there are three other excellent ear-warming bands we’re sharing the Cave Floor with.

It’s all here, but for your convenience (excerpts from FB descriptors):


  1. The Shelles “consist of Stuart Edwards (Old Bricks), as well as members of Shit Horse, Ama Divers, and Schooner. Songs are ruminated upon in a gothic, psychedelic manner.
  2. The Rungs “deliver an electro splatter gun of juicy beat driven melodies.”
  3. Beloved Bingeus
  4. Rogue Band of Youth – “A trio consisting of James Patrick, Chloe Gray, and Jack Ivy, Rogue Band of Youth crafts mercurial music that is by turns summery, somber, calm, and chaotic.

Happy holidays!


Back from USA tour and preparing for EU

After three months away from home, it’s nice to be back. If you’d like to see some photos from the trip, I’ve included my favorites on Binge Cafe.


Beloved Binge featured in the Independent Weekly

10 year bandiversary photo by Kim Gray

10 year bandiversary photo by Kim Gray

The Independent Weekly kindly welcomed us back with a music feature that I was interviewed for last week here. Thanks Indy!


Travels & next stops

As will happen whenever you force yourself to be in new geographies amongst a foreign people (I’m talking about Iowans, Michegoneans, Texans, etc here), you will meet many new, and many times kind, people.  Though I’m shy by nature, there is something necessary and nourishing about the process.  But I’m also tired as hell and glad to not be on the road – until May!



Big Sur

BB by maria cavern

Playing the Cavern in Toronto (photo by Maria Egnatis)


by Stephen Cramer

BB by Stephen Cramer



Max Johnson, organizer of reading/show in Iowa (and worker at Prairie Lights Bookstore)


Europe tour

We’re working on setting up a tour of Europe now for May-June 2015!  If you have any people in these geographies, please do write me at porch life productions, gmail (all one word).


And Greece!

Across the US and continuing down the West Coast

Friends and family at Seattle show

Dad used to quote this:  East is East, but West, Wow!

I’m not sure who coined the phrase, but it’s been pretty fun being back out West. But most likely, for different reasons than the intended statement.  It’s been great to reconnect with family and friends, and revisit old childhood places that can only occupy the oldest places of your crumbling but inspired mind.

Onward, to Portland, Oakland, and more! See our Facebook for our more frequent updates and Binge Cafe for a synthesis of it all (coming soon). Thanks to everyone who has been so much fun on road!


Our Twin Peaks show

Beloved Binge at Two Boots in Bridgeport Booked by Bob (photo by Jaime Gilbride)

A couple of days ago Beloved Binge returned to Two Boots; from start to finish, the experience belonged in a Twin Peaks episode. Coincidentally, one of my questions is “If you could be placed into a TV show, as yourself, which would it be?” Prob not Twin Peaks.

We met some fabulous kids who told us all about the Vibe fest we just missed, and still liked us even after we were treated to above-average technical difficulties when Rob’s loop pedal deactivated. The show went on, and here, Rob serenades Bridgeport.

More to come from shows in DC, NYC.

Next up, Providence at Psychic Readings! Invite.



10 year bandiversary retrospective and staches

We’ve assembled some old photos and our new 10 year Bandiversary photo shoot (by the excellent Kim Gray Photography) in video format.  Find the mustachioed Rob!



Co-ed Shed Ready for 10-yr Anniversary Tour Preparations

Once a Man-Shed, the Co-Ed Shed Now Welcomes Any Gender or Species


Protected by walls with the acoustical blocking equivalent of a cardboard box, used by both birds and Beloved Binge, the Co-Ed shed stands ready for practicing both new and old material for the belated Pockets 10 year BB anniversary US tour Aug-Nov.

Fittingly, the triple-purpose trip will incorporate shows, family visits, and good olde fashioned outreach on behalf of farm animals (particularly the post-Seattle leg).

Want us in your town?  Contact us here!  On the first leg of the tour we’ll be hitting most of these places (Aug):

DC / Baltimore
Iowa (TBD)
Omaha, Neb
Badlands, SD
Bozeman, MT
Missoula MT
Courd’lane Idaho

On the 2nd leg (October), we’re going through California, Mexico, Arizona, NM, Texas, Louisiana, and more …

Can’t wait to see our peeps!


Eleni and Rob and Syba


PS –


Weston is in the shop, preparing too; Syba, psychologically preparing in driver's seat