Pre-historic version of Pockets discovered today


Rob said it was a sign we should have bought this record player slash 8-track.  But alas, only the photo for now.

In real time, we still have Pockets available for your holiday-shopping thankful-being ways.  Share a bit of indie small band love with your friends and family.

We’re on hiatus for maybe 3/4 of a year.  Announcing this grandly assumes we have hiatii (pronounced: Hay-Tie), that is, people who listen to us and may have a stake in whether or not we continue to perform.

Fear not, loyal haitii!  Not only do you exist, but Santa was is real too.  Though our doubts about the tooth fairy continue to cast a shadow on our credibility, rest assured we have no doubts about you.



Hopscotch was awesome & show Oct 18th

BB by Candace Mix

BB by Candace Mix, Hopscotch


BB by Paul Spanbauer @ Hopscotch


BB by Steve Holmes @ Hopscotch


Eleni on bass by Candace Mix


BB by Rich McLaughlin @ Hopscotch


The very next day, this happened:

Crutches enabled Hopscotch attending thanks to Catherine E


No matter, the Boot is coming off on October 18th.  Just for the show.


We’re pleased to be playing the 10-year anniversary party of Audubon Park — with Erie Choir, some crazy Jazz Troll film, and comedy.  The comedy isn’t my shoes.

INVITE.  Details:

Potluck, Pinhook, and Park (comma Audubon) Present:
AP’s 10yr Anniversary Show + Release of _Crazy Crazy For Feeling_ on Potluck Foundation

-Audubon Park (all the way from NYC, VA, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and wherever RB’s new house is technically)
-Beloved Binge (all the way from Durham)
-Erie Choir (all the way from NYC plus Durham)

-Live “Comedy” by David Nahm and Aimée Argote
-_Jazz Troll_, an Important Film by Finn Cohen


Hopscotch: You going?

All over the planet, and possibly the universe, people are making the pilgrimage.  Will you join them?  Perhaps starting on the first day?


See the entire schedule and buy tickets here.



We are fresh.

Saturday, let's hang.


The New Town Drunks — fun (phun) and philosophical.  See what I mean in our latest edition of BB’s love letters where I interview Roberto Cofresi, the man behind the book o’fables Bellows.  NTD will be releasing their album, Kiss, including on air fresheners with download codes. You can’t get more local and organic than that.


We are always so happy to see you people out at shows – come give us a high or medium-low 5, and we will kiss your cheeks.  Invite.

It’s not independence, it’s Tandependence

Photo by Jeanne Snodgrass


We had such fun with you at the Goner record release, recently.  Tofu Mama (update: Tofu Papa) made his singing debut with BB when we covered one of Goner’s songs.


Goner:  songwriting, playing, humor, melodies; check.  The singer Scott reminds us of our friend Scott in Seattle, and yeah, beyond name.  Humor, songwriting, singing.  They’re like brothers separated somewhere between Spokane and NC.  Except brothers are never really alike.  So, they’re like clones.  Best friends?


Goner at the Pinhook playing awesome new album "Faking the wisdom"


We played a little bouzouki rock.


Photo by Carson Harkrader


A little Unification of + and – with my custom guitar hand-made by my uncle-cousin Steve Davis:


By Carson Harkrader


BB also played with our 2nd rapper, technically.  The first was on tour in Colorado and wasn’t exactly requested, and then it continued over the course of several songs.


This time, however, we invited the local musician and attender of numerous shows K-man to the stage.  He did a fabulous job on Man on a Wire.


K-Man rapped over Man on a Wire (photo by Leeanne)


And now…the moment you’ve been awaiting…Tandependence Explained


A few days later, our buddy Matt brought us an old-school tandem bike on the 4th of July from the bike coop.  We decided that the day is not about independence, it’s tandependence.


What is tandependence, you ask? In short, a strong mixed drink of dependence and yelling.  It’s when you need each other, but also engage in a lot of back seat driving because you’re scared as hell the front seat driver doesn’t know what he or she is doing, and is going to crash you into a wall or pedestrian at any moment. Conversely, as the front-seat driver you’re not sure why the back seat passenger isn’t pedaling hard enough or why they are shaking the bike so much.  They claim it’s your fault, because you’re steering wobbly.


Tandependence also is a great conversation-starter.  Riding together sparks several “discussions” on the bike about speed, appropriate turning radius, pedaling effort assessments (not enough or too much), whether to run a yellow light or stop, if standing on the bike or “one hand” is appropriate, and more!


If one thing can be claimed, Tandependence will guarantee that you and your partner are communicating.  Tip:  pretend you are the captain on Star Trek (Kirk?) and laugh a lot.


Rob B. and Eleni B. experience Tandependence. Photo by neighbor Alex Melson


Our next local show is celebrating another record (and air freshener! with download codes) release of the New Town Drunks at the Pinhook.  We’re opening the show, followed by Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands.  Invite.


We may show up on the Tandem – but don’t expect us to be talking.

Goner Record Release June 29th, Saturday, Pinhook



Everyone’s in a hurry to get there, and no wonder.  Have you heard Goner’s new album, Faking the Wisdom?  There’s no faking the repeat plays these tracks are getting here at Binge and Beloved headquarters.

We’re opening the show right at 9:00 PM, playing for your either as a duo or trio depending on the arrival of a certain Ben who is scheduled, in the arrivals department, any time now, to join the house of Tofu Mama Papa.

Following our set, you will be treated to the songs of Wood Ear, you will not be disappointed.

Goner will close the show.  We interviewed them in our latest edition — read the interview here.

I’m feeling like it’ll be a BBQ Delight Soy Saturday.  We might just bring some along to help celebrate.  The product is perfectly paired with a Dark n’ Stormy – the ginger brings out the BBQ tang that you know and love; you will not miss the flesh o’ pig in this tender, lovely food distributed locally here in NC.

Have you signed up yet?  What if we throw in Rob’s pants?

How ’bout a cob studio?

Ah, cob.

I think one of our neighbors made this one somewhere in rural NC. If not it looks similar.


Ya heard of cob? Not that stuff that corn kernels perch on, but an age-old recipe of clay, sand, and straw made into buildings that can last over 300 years.


Bottles in the cob


It’s quite remarkable, actually.  You can sculpt your own house, usually with the help of community who join you in stomping on the mix, rolling it into pizza-sized balls, and stacking on the walls.  Then, a few months later, ouila,  you’ve got a place that’s secure, fire-, earthquake-, and termite-proof, and habitable for under $5,000 typically.


Crazy space cob bathroom


You can cook here.

I see this photo everywhere. That's because it's awesome.


You can have a green roof, yada yada.  The only downside:  most of the videos about cob have really bad soundtracks.


Speaking of music, we wanted to thank everyone sincerely for Motorcoing with us last week. We opened the show.


By Sandeep Bhatt



Switaroonie by Manju Bhapkar



Switcharoonie #2 by Bonnie of Ellertronic


By Kim Gray


After our set, The Joy Kills from Atlanta played.  We met them back on our mini-tour in November when they hosted us at their Tree Fort. It was awesome.

The Joy Kills


Following the Joy Kills, our friends the Bastages headlined, with their hardworking drummer playing this as a second show after his performance with Pipe earlier in the night.   What I love about the Bastages is that they’ve got great hooks – not everyone has great hooks – it’s trickier than you may think, you.


The Bastages.


Enjoyed the show as it wasn’t too loud (as in bone-shaking shows I’ve seen at Motorco before) and Duncan did a great job with sound.

Back to cob. We’re looking into this.  We’ll let you know what we find.  It can make a great music studio, aikido hut, dwelling, guest house, et et etcetera.


There are even cob hot tubs.


There are cob bee hives, chicken coops, and, I’m sure, to Syba’s possible dismay, cob dog houses.


Hopefully by the time we play our next show, at the Pinhook on Saturday June 29th for Goner’s record release, we’ll know more about coberometry.

May 31st at Motorco + silly video for Hopscotch

Live at the friendly DIY space the Wingnut in Richmond, VA on the way to College Park


It’s all about the mini.  On Cinco de Mayo weekend, we headed to Richmond, VA to play a wonderfully last-minute-no-PA-great-people show,  then headed to College Park, MD to play the art space the Old Parish House after screening my documentary Seeing Through the Fence – thanks to awesome sound engineer Dawn Dineen of Yarner Recording Studio, for setting up the series and running excellent sound.

We toured said studio and it’s amazing – quiet, peaceful, comfortable – just the sort of place you can see setting up at for a few days to record.  With the added fire-pit bonus, there’s no reason not to make your recorded sounds with Yarner.

We’re excited to be playing Hopscotch this year, and thought, why not make a silly video. Featuring Tofu “Papa” as record executive, and various forms of Rob as band.

In our latest news to you, we interview Danny Hooley of the Bastages and the Joy Kills, two bands we’re sharing the enormity of Motorco with on Friday night.


Little Red Robbing Hood


The other day Rob pointed out that it’s been almost six months since we released our album — and only one video! Certainly, we had to think about firing someone in our production and marketing department.

Well, with a quick iPhone filming, our backyard, Syba, and some imagination, we fixed that.  We bring you video #2, for “Hello, Hi” from Pockets.

I’m kind of amazed at how casually this came together BUT ALSO MAKES SENSE — but perhaps you won’t be after viewing.

The song covers some pretty non-water-cooler topics of abduction and general taking without permission  (choosing to use animals for our food).  Rather than literally show that story, good ‘ol Riding Hood serves as a side of soup to accompany our snappy song crackers.

We’re also firing the writer.  Who writes this crap?




What do you get when you combine luxury drug ships, spurs, two vegans, and a flexitarian?

Certainly something close to our show Thursday March 28th at the Pinhook.

Continuing our series of interviews with bands we share the stage with, I asked the bands we’re playing with this Thursday a few questions:

  1. What makes a live show still relevant?
  2. What show/concert was the most influential on how you view performance?
  3. Will you still be playing shows at 85?

Will they be playing shows well beyond the time when Senior discounts set in?  Read the interviews here.

Thursday March 28th at the Pinhook (invite)

As Dave Cantwell noted, we stole Ross‘s band descriptions, because they are funny and more or less apt:

JK+5/5= Springsteeny rock-gospel (
DY=Dirty-n-loud metallo artrock (
BB=Skewed K-Records-style artpop (