Love in Greensboro

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Lovely show in Greensboro with local openers Zinc Kings, depicted by audience member Germa’n in drawing form above, and touring band from Philly i am love, whom we loved, pictured above in real picture form.

The singer Joshua’s voice is magic sweet pudding and the band have been called gypsy punk, but taking a page from Billy Sugarfix’s description of his Carousel, I baptize them Chamber Punk.

We started passing around crayons and drawing paper again at shows, and posted two drawings from the audience in the gallery above.

Show was extra special upon realizing that Andrew (ex-Ponchos from Peru drummer) was in attendance. We followed the show with a trip to Greensboro’s music festival taking place at the DIY space / record store CFBG’s.

Sometimes touring feels so right; even if it’s only an hour away.