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Photo at Pinhook, BB set at Pockets Release by Jeff Alsberg

Beloved Binge wrote much of the songs on Pockets from 2009 – 2012, recorded the album in 2011 with Jerry at Duck Kee Studios, then released it 9/22/12.

Beyond the actual song writing and recording, leading up to the release, as anyone in a band may know, was much preparation:  Patches, CDs, records, custom USB drives, stickers, download codes, shirts, radio, blog, media promotions, plays…

(Reluctant) merch modeling

So we were happy it all turned out so well.

Reviews of Pockets:

The Independent Weekly

The Secret Carrboro Ninja

The Daily Tar Heel (Diversions)


On WKNC with Adam Kincaid
Adam Kincaid

And finally, the release of Pockets.

From surprise friend visits to sharing the release with emerging electronic creek pop band Ellertronic and chamber pop Billy Sugarfix’s Carousel, to an over the top awesome performance by the actors in the Three’s Company skits, the release is a night we’ll not forget until our brains are clouded with dementia.

Photo by Jeanne Snodgrass

Thank you to Jeanne Snodgrass for the above photo.

More show photos by Jason Klarl at the Deconstructed Space Pilot.

And the end.

All that was left was the Regal Beagle



Photo by Roberto of the New Town Drunks (Larry and Lana in our skit)