Le rouge et le noir

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Conspiracy theorists, no doubt (years later, but not so much later that our Sun has consumed us) may posit that Beloved Binge’s chosen theme colors have some meaning beyond their simply liking the contrast of the red color with the black color. Perhaps Beloved Binge chose their outfits based on the 1955 French Film The Red and the Black, or more Frenchly, Le rouge et le noir.


1954 Le Rouge et le noir.jpg


Or, perhaps the band wanted to evoke, without stating too directly, the life blood and the silent night. Or charred BBQ.

Most plausibly, the band chose red due to the heart logo and black because it pairs well and clothing items in this theme are easily procured and they hate to shop. In any case, in preparation for their forthcoming release Signals, Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge went to the post office and their friend Jane S. shot some photos in front of a door that speaks to  track #4, NeWest.




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