Show August 17th with Invasive Species & King Azaz

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Poster by Mandy of Invasive Species
Poster by Mandy of The Invasive Species


I (Eleni Binge) am someone who can type words. That’s easy. But, I’ve never been able to visually design anything that surpasses the 5th grade level. Really, I have tried — but my lack of talent in this department is glaring. Eye-straining. It might even hurt you, to see my visual designs. Yet, I’m not even bothered by it — I really just do not have the skill and have accepted that. So I have a deep appreciation for those who can somehow take lines and make them into magic. Like with the above flyer by Mandy of The Invasive Species. DAMN.

Invite to the show. (Details below if you’re non-Facebook, understandably.)

We hope to see you at the show. It’s also Dad’s would-be birthday, a decade after he died. I think he would have really loved Philly, from the global inhabitants to the entrepreneurial non-chain small businesses throughout.

Dad angelo i think (2)
Dad, left


Benefit show for Philly Lyme Disease Support Group!  August 17th, 8 pm

King Azaz
** Epic orchestral Philly guitar & drum duo **
ABOUT: “An emotional response to the evolution of the determined connection. Loud songs by two kind of quiet queers. Eternal anger//Eternal sadness ”

The Invasive Species
** Invading your mind gardens with storied Philly roots propagating new breeds of beings fertilized with tenacious hooks, organic vocal spades, and drum tangles. Just released an album, Strange Reflections! **

Beloved Binge
** Misfit pop duo: rubble pop rooted in a punk pot, to continue the planting metaphors, newly digging South Philly. Releasing new album, Signals, October 11! **
ABOUT: ” …upbeat, stripped-down and muffed-out indie-pop rock. Taking turns strumming, humming and drumming
(while swiping pages from the K Records playbook) Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge conjure up happy memories of indie rock’s fun-loving and far less pretentious past…” –Colorado Springs Independent

Your $10 supports this benefit for Philadelphia Lyme Disease Support Group – Philly Lyme.