Christmas at the Cave (sort of)

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BB at the Pinhook
Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge, by Kim Gray


We are so excited to be returning to the Cave on Saturday December 20th!

Beloved Binge is playing 3rd, and there are three other excellent ear-warming bands we’re sharing the Cave Floor with.

It’s all here, but for your convenience (excerpts from FB descriptors):


  1. The Shelles “consist of Stuart Edwards (Old Bricks), as well as members of Shit Horse, Ama Divers, and Schooner. Songs are ruminated upon in a gothic, psychedelic manner.
  2. The Rungs “deliver an electro splatter gun of juicy beat driven melodies.”
  3. Beloved Bingeus
  4. Rogue Band of Youth – “A trio consisting of James Patrick, Chloe Gray, and Jack Ivy, Rogue Band of Youth crafts mercurial music that is by turns summery, somber, calm, and chaotic.

Happy holidays!