We are recording SIGNALS

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After satisfactorily crowd-sourcing the following:

Band album etiquette question: Rob and I had our next album named (you know, picked out all its clothes and the stuff for its room) since we’re recording it next week. (woohoo!) Google revealed this same name was already used by a certain famous Canadian rock band — their 9th studio album, in fact. Alas, it was 37 years ago, but, you know, Known (except to us, apparently). Are album names fair game? I mean, I wouldn’t call our next album Lemonade or anything, but this seems … further away?

The resulting consensus was: Who Cares?!

And so, we present our next album: Signals.

Were we planning on recording? No. But a sweet old soul approached us after a show we played at the Soundhole last July and offered to record us at Drexel, where he is a music major. We had many songs to record (writtten in NYC mostly after our 2016 album Never, the End). His name is Matt Squires, but we call him 48-track Matt:


48-track Matt
48-track Matt


It’s been a wonderful experience — Rob and I have not even argued.

We hope to be finished soon and will be sharing updates here, on Facebook, and Insta.

Used the pedals on this organ (Matt’s idea) to record bass on the song Signals
Dampened the snare with Rob’s Danish (Eleni’s idea)


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