Video did not kill the Radio Stars

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Rob and Syba: Radio Stars

For our 4th release, Pockets, Beloved Binge is only half-DIY for the radio promotions.  We’re happy to have Team Clermont assisting us nationally.

We’ll let you know how it goes!  We used both your feedback from our pre-release virtual party as well as TC’s expertise to decide the go-to tracks (versus the ‘run away from’ tracks!)

Rob finished the stickering and bundling of CDs, so these here envelopes are heading out on postal trucks across the nation’s roads on Tuesday 9/4, which also happens to be my Dad’s 3rd deathaversary.  Hope the songs with his reference do him justice … though … Dad used to tell me, “Boo-boo, why don’t you be a writer?  That’s where your talent is…”  following any mention of band/music.

I love that line, because it sounds harsh and insensitive, and so few people are willing to risk such directness.  But it’s actually a compliment!  I mean, couched within a non-compliment.  The world needs more sweet & sour. With admission of both, there are less doubts about truth.


Trips to California in VW non-hippy bus, Visit from Dad. Mom, cousin Zache, me, dad, brother Laki, Nana, Papa