First thing’s first.  Invite to 9/22 show!




Release: (E)O(T)

Bonnie:  song writer, baker, fan, bee keeper
David Z:  backpack drumset, drummer

Beloved Binge

Release:  Pockets

Pockets is where you go when a part of you has left.  Trailer.

Eleni Binge: drummer, documentarian, fan of bonnie and bees
Rob Beloved:  guitarist and aikido master
Mike Wright aka Tofu Mama:  bass, drums, 40s

Billy Sugarfix’s Carousel


Although not a concept album, the season of autumn figures prominently on Billy Sugarfix’s Carousel debut E.P.  As an elementary school teacher, the idea of autumn representing a beginning has become ingrained in Billy Sugarfix’s psyche.  Whereas the confusion and angst of relationships ending has been well documented in the pop canon, the drama involved in a relationship’s beginning is rarely addressed.  So, this record seeks to explore the potential trials involved in a relationship’s beginning, often using autumn as a metaphor.

Douglas Vuncannon- Doug plays bass with the Carousel, Curtis Eller, and  varied avant garde orchestras in the area when he is not in Viet Nam or Thailand.

Sara Zaleta- An instructor of piano and voice by profession Sara lends us her talents whenever she is not in France or Iceland.

Wendy Spitzer- A classically trained Oboist, robot rock bassist,  and composer who is currently working on an album of ring tones.

Justin Blatt- The triangle’s premier Viola shredder.  When he’s not riding the carousel he’s tending his Shit Horse.

Zsolt David- Trucker, mechanic, father and drummer.  This Hungarian superstar gives the Carousel its pulse.

Billy Sugarfix- Singer/Songwriter and wearer of shoes and socks.  He changes them at least four times a day.


Improv acting based loosely on themes from Pockets but as Three’s Company characters.

Larry and Lana:  Roberto Cofresi



Roberto Cofresi, better known as part of New Town Drunks, who are about to release their 4th record.  Roberto is also about to publish an illustrated book, ‘Bellows: Fables from the Musical Underground’ and likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Mrs. Roper and Chrissy #2:  Rachel Klem

Rachel Klem owns and manages Common Ground Theatre. She teaches theatre at NC State and is a company member of 3 local theatre companies, including Ghost & Spice Productions who are presenting the stage version of  Harold & Maude starting Sept. 28 at Common Ground Theatre.

Chrissy #1:  Joyce Ventimiglia

When Joyce isn’t playing Chrissy, she is a video producer and co-curator/creator of annual Strange Beauty Film Festival, as well as singer/guitarist/songwriter member of band Actual Persons Living or Dead.

Mr. Roper and Mr. Furley:  Alex Maness

Alex is a photographer at Alex Maness Photography.


Jack #1:  Fikri Yucel

When he’s not playing Jack #1, Fikri plays in the French goth band Veronique Diabolique.

Jack #2:  Steven Li

Steven is a Duke senior and incredibly excited to be a part of this show! He is a Theater studies major, and has worked previously with Jay O’Berski in his production of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and currently assistant directing his production of Women Beware Women.

Janet:  Leslie Peteya

Leslie hates sitting still. When not fixing or riding bikes with the Durham Bike Co-op,she is also a nursing student, occasional musician, seamstress, triathlete and urban homesteader.


9:15 PM:  Doors ($5)

10:00 PM:  Ellertronic

10:30 PM:  Beloved Binge, Three’s Company, repeat x2

11:30 PM:  Billy Sugarfix’s Carousel

All the time:  Fun