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Shuffle Magazine’s Hannah Levinson interviewed Eleni Binge (me!) about our new record, Pockets. We were really impressed with her unique questions and approach.  Here is an excerpt from the top:

Shuffle: Pockets is a tremendous record. Is there a story behind the title? How about the creation of the album itself?


Eleni Binge: That’s so kind, thank you. The short story of our most recent album is “Pockets is where you go when a part of you has left.” About half of the songs were inspired by something new to me — the unexpected death of a parent. While we were on an extended leg of our ~one-year tour we got the call about my Dad. Though each of us ends in death, experiencing an actual disappearing act is surreal and hard to grasp. Particularly when you do not have the chance to say goodbye, and your parent is buried before you can see them. It can be the little things—like it’s odd not to get a call on my birthday, or be able to share ideas only Dad would get — but fundamentally, if you lose a parent you were close with, that’s irreplaceable. No one can quite love you the same, unconditionally.

This album says goodbye, but it also is engaging in a dialogue with you — it hopes to be there for your loss and/or celebration of being around (life) when things are good. The title track, “Pockets,” actually was written in a sudden inspiration right before we went into the studio. Sometimes things happen like that, last minute, but end up being the theme.

Read the entire interview here.*

*One note – though Mike plays bass with Beloved Binge at present, Rob played the bass on the album.  Mike would like to note that — no offense to Beloved!