Next up, NY friends the Shondes

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The Shondes in '06, at Ye Olde BC Records!


Back in ’06, brand spankin’ new to Durham, young(er) Beloved Binge played a show with NY’s The Shondes at the old Bull City Records shop.

Just found the old writeup — thanks Google — from the Indy!


Sunday, July 2

The Shondes, America’s Next Top Models, Beloved Binge, Chaz’s Bull City Records

Outcasts all, Brooklyn’s The Shondes (Yiddish for “disgrace”) burn on violin-and-guitar queercore fueled by the desire for sexual equality and Palestinian peace. Think Joshua Tree with the above criteria, only more nervous and jittery, like sporting doubly marginal politics on national tour. America’s Next Top Models–Durham’s destroying American satirists with an effrontery even W couldn’t miss–open. If Lee Ranaldo and Fontaine Toups had wed, Beloved Binge–new to the Bull City–would have been their Teen Beat babies. Free/8 p.m. –GC


Outcasts, still!

Come check them out — sharing the bill with local favorites Brainbows.

An 18+ show!

You’re invited.