It’s not independence, it’s Tandependence

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Photo by Jeanne Snodgrass


We had such fun with you at the Goner record release, recently.  Tofu Mama (update: Tofu Papa) made his singing debut with BB when we covered one of Goner’s songs.


Goner:  songwriting, playing, humor, melodies; check.  The singer Scott reminds us of our friend Scott in Seattle, and yeah, beyond name.  Humor, songwriting, singing.  They’re like brothers separated somewhere between Spokane and NC.  Except brothers are never really alike.  So, they’re like clones.  Best friends?


Goner at the Pinhook playing awesome new album "Faking the wisdom"


We played a little bouzouki rock.


Photo by Carson Harkrader


A little Unification of + and – with my custom guitar hand-made by my uncle-cousin Steve Davis:


By Carson Harkrader


BB also played with our 2nd rapper, technically.  The first was on tour in Colorado and wasn’t exactly requested, and then it continued over the course of several songs.


This time, however, we invited the local musician and attender of numerous shows K-man to the stage.  He did a fabulous job on Man on a Wire.


K-Man rapped over Man on a Wire (photo by Leeanne)


And now…the moment you’ve been awaiting…Tandependence Explained


A few days later, our buddy Matt brought us an old-school tandem bike on the 4th of July from the bike coop.  We decided that the day is not about independence, it’s tandependence.


What is tandependence, you ask? In short, a strong mixed drink of dependence and yelling.  It’s when you need each other, but also engage in a lot of back seat driving because you’re scared as hell the front seat driver doesn’t know what he or she is doing, and is going to crash you into a wall or pedestrian at any moment. Conversely, as the front-seat driver you’re not sure why the back seat passenger isn’t pedaling hard enough or why they are shaking the bike so much.  They claim it’s your fault, because you’re steering wobbly.


Tandependence also is a great conversation-starter.  Riding together sparks several “discussions” on the bike about speed, appropriate turning radius, pedaling effort assessments (not enough or too much), whether to run a yellow light or stop, if standing on the bike or “one hand” is appropriate, and more!


If one thing can be claimed, Tandependence will guarantee that you and your partner are communicating.  Tip:  pretend you are the captain on Star Trek (Kirk?) and laugh a lot.


Rob B. and Eleni B. experience Tandependence. Photo by neighbor Alex Melson


Our next local show is celebrating another record (and air freshener! with download codes) release of the New Town Drunks at the Pinhook.  We’re opening the show, followed by Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands.  Invite.


We may show up on the Tandem – but don’t expect us to be talking.