How ’bout a cob studio?

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Ah, cob.
I think one of our neighbors made this one somewhere in rural NC. If not it looks similar.


Ya heard of cob? Not that stuff that corn kernels perch on, but an age-old recipe of clay, sand, and straw made into buildings that can last over 300 years.


Bottles in the cob


It’s quite remarkable, actually.  You can sculpt your own house, usually with the help of community who join you in stomping on the mix, rolling it into pizza-sized balls, and stacking on the walls.  Then, a few months later, ouila,  you’ve got a place that’s secure, fire-, earthquake-, and termite-proof, and habitable for under $5,000 typically.


Crazy space cob bathroom


You can cook here.
I see this photo everywhere. That's because it's awesome.


You can have a green roof, yada yada.  The only downside:  most of the videos about cob have really bad soundtracks.


Speaking of music, we wanted to thank everyone sincerely for Motorcoing with us last week. We opened the show.


By Sandeep Bhatt



Switaroonie by Manju Bhapkar



Switcharoonie #2 by Bonnie of Ellertronic


By Kim Gray


After our set, The Joy Kills from Atlanta played.  We met them back on our mini-tour in November when they hosted us at their Tree Fort. It was awesome.

The Joy Kills


Following the Joy Kills, our friends the Bastages headlined, with their hardworking drummer playing this as a second show after his performance with Pipe earlier in the night.   What I love about the Bastages is that they’ve got great hooks – not everyone has great hooks – it’s trickier than you may think, you.


The Bastages.


Enjoyed the show as it wasn’t too loud (as in bone-shaking shows I’ve seen at Motorco before) and Duncan did a great job with sound.

Back to cob. We’re looking into this.  We’ll let you know what we find.  It can make a great music studio, aikido hut, dwelling, guest house, et et etcetera.


There are even cob hot tubs.


There are cob bee hives, chicken coops, and, I’m sure, to Syba’s possible dismay, cob dog houses.


Hopefully by the time we play our next show, at the Pinhook on Saturday June 29th for Goner’s record release, we’ll know more about coberometry.