New show 1/17 and new series: Behind the Binge

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First, big smooch to Philly’s Y Not Radio for including BB, along with Camp Candle (below) in their recent playlist. You can check them out here. Also thank you to Lazlo’s Den in NJ Blow Up Radio for including BB on their playlists! I knew the name sounded familiar — we played a showcase with them back in 2009 — almost 11 years ago. I love to reconnect with people that we met who are still supporting indie / diy music.

We’re excited to announce our first show of 2020, at Bourbon and Branch on January 17th. We’re playing the show with two of our favorite local Philly bands: Camp Candle and Northern Liberties. We first saw/met Camp Candle when we played two-piece fest in 2019, then attended their release. Beautiful indie-tronica rock hop from this duo.


We also met Justin of Northern Liberties at the same show, whose other band played the fest. Since, we’ve seen Northern Liberties a handful of times and always been blown away by his intense drumming, songs, and performance art. In addition to a musician/drummer, Justin is an incredible artist (check out his work here) and author. He also was the featured character in the documentary Resurrect Dead, which we discovered through our good friend Marc of Durham, NC.

Northern Liberties
Northern Liberties

Come see us all? INVITE

Artwok by Justin Duerr
Artwok by Justin Duerr



Behind the Binge

Beloved Binge are also excited to announce their new series Behind the Binge, where we go Behind the Binge. Below, find the Official inaugural video, Episode 1, Season: Winter; featuring an interview by an interviewer of Rob Beloved, half of Beloved Binge, who drives down memory lane to discuss How It All Began. Completely unrehearsed (probably don’t need to tell you that) and 50% real.


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Thank you everyone for all of your song downloads, attending our shows, and reading our updates! Stay tuned for more 2020 show and tour announcements.