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Thanks to the Winston Salem Journal’s Relish entertainment section for not only writing an article about our show but taking the time to get quotes from local musician friends. DAMN! A few sweet snippets:

“An adventurous mix of down-tuned guitars, atonal vocals, and lyrics that are alternately dark and funny.” –The author Eddie Hoffman on Signals

“They are fun-loving, infectiously happy, down-to-earth folks who have never let go of their pioneering punk spirit.” –Jamie McClendon of Dom Casual, Thee Dirtybeats and El Mirage

“Their quirky, bubbly brand of indie pop-rock with punk, DIY roots blends and bends genres and is always entertaining.” –Alanna Meltzer-Holderfield, Jews & Catholics

“a more punky Violent Femmes.”–Eddie Garcia, Jews & Catholics, 1970s Film Stock

Thank you!!

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Beloved Binge was also featured in an interview on MikeyPod!

I (mz binge) first met Michael when he interviewed me for our #Comments tour on Our Hen House. We soon saw him perform his Animal Show in NYC after we moved, and were impressed by how he translated his experience volunteering at farm animal sanctuaries and processing what animals endure to be raised for food into a musical experience. Check out Michael’s work and listen below for more on our chit-chat!

Listen to the episode.