Show August 17th!

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Beloved Binge are excited to return to the floor on August 17th for a cool benefit playing with a couple of awesome local Philly bands.


Come to one of our favorite bars Century — right here in the near-borhood!  You are invited.


Benefit show for Philly Lyme Disease Support Group! Check out the musics!


King Azaz
** Epic orchestral Philly guitar & drum duo **
ABOUT: “An emotional response to the evolution of the determined connection. Loud songs by two kind of quiet queers. Eternal anger//Eternal sadness ”

The Invasive Species
** Invading your mind gardens with storied Philly roots propagating new breeds of beings fertilized with tenacious hooks, organic vocal spades, and drum tangles. Just released an album, Strange Reflections! **

Beloved Binge
** Misfit pop duo: rubble pop rooted in a punk pot, to continue the planting metaphors, newly digging South Philly. Releasing new album, Signals, in October! **
ABOUT: ” …upbeat, stripped-down and muffed-out indie-pop rock. Taking turns strumming, humming and drumming
(while swiping pages from the K Records playbook) Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge conjure up happy memories
of indie rock’s fun-loving and far less pretentious past…” –Colorado Springs Independent