Le rouge et le noir

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Conspiracy theorists, no doubt (years later, but not so much later that our Sun has consumed us) may posit that Beloved Binge’s chosen theme colors have some meaning beyond their simply liking the contrast of the red color with the … Continued

Show August 17th!

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  Beloved Binge are excited to return to the floor on August 17th for a cool benefit playing with a couple of awesome local Philly bands.   Come to one of our favorite bars Century — right here in the … Continued

We are recording SIGNALS

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After satisfactorily crowd-sourcing the following: Band album etiquette question: Rob and I had our next album named (you know, picked out all its clothes and the stuff for its room) since we’re recording it next week. (woohoo!) Google revealed this … Continued

Show at Two Piece Fest XII 2/23!

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  So excited to play Philly’s Two-Piece Fest! Having co-organized three duo-fests in Durham (the last of which was almost a decade ago!) we’re especially thrilled to play at this very long-running fest — the twelfth to be exact — … Continued

New video: Stranger

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Stranger Xenos (Greek: ξένος) “stranger;” or “guest friend.” Will you permit me (as a proud 1/2 Greek) the stereotypical Greek-splaining of the meaning of a word with Greek roots? (As in, “Psychology — that’s a Greek word! Psy-cho-logia, get it? … Continued

Spazz presents: Philly debut May 11th!

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Oooh we can’t wait! SPAZZ Presents: Friday May 11th at the Mothership – 602 S 52nd Street, Philadelphia PA with Radio Eris and Cast Shadows Invite:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1669680986451916/   What’s (a) Spazz?   While in Durham, we’d heard of a cool … Continued

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