New song about bugs resting & Behind the Binge

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Though our last episode of “Behind the Binge” (for now) was about the quarantine, your Eleni Binge and Rob Beloved have been keeping busy. Rob has been working on remodeling our last rental property, and keeping up with his Aikido practice on Zoom. He’s also added other practices such as Tai Chi. Lately he’s taken to the garden, or rather, taken the garden. Poor Ms. Binge can’t get a plant in edge-wise! Instead, Ms. Binge is writing a novel, short stories, and op-eds. Check our her non-fiction on Medium. She also created a new #Comments episode on masks with Mr. Beloved, and is working on another #Comments about the election.

Of late, Ms. Binge had an epiphany: Bugs rest! It merited a song. The full lyrics are:

Resting in Peace

Housefly, where do you rest your wings?

Even a bird, stops before she sings

When I’m buzzed, I think about flying

Instead of worrying, about all the ways I’m dying

Wings beat, and I’m tired

Take a leaf, and retire

Housefly, do you sleep in a hammock?

Do you prefer, the Pacific or Atlantic?

When you’re not, landing on my leg,

Do you wish, you lived more than a few days?

Wings beat, and I’m tired

Take a leaf, and retire.


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