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Behind the Binge

“Their mix of sweetly wry jangle and artsy quirkiness keep it real whilst also keeping it fun.” — Fuzzy Logic

“K Records/ Teen Beat blend of generous hooks and captivating quirks…” –Independent Weekly


On their new LP Signals, Philly’s Beloved Binge (via NYC via Durham via Seattle) is an art-pop duo featuring Rob Beloved (guitar, low-voice, drums) and Eleni Binge (drums, high-voice, guitar, bouzouki, bass uke, keys, license plate) creating rubble pop rooted in a punk pot with a hint of old Greek mountain village uprising.

Drawing from early immersion in classical music, music comedy, Metallica, Velvet Underground, and Greek folk, and funded from the happy performance of some stock in the Beyond Meat company, Beloved and Binge have taken their “tiny house” ethos to heart, paring down their instrumentation and lives. In their 17 year career they have lived in a VW Westfalia camper van for a year while touring the US, toured Europe with backpacks on a Megabus, and played a SXSW film release for the world’s original rapper.

Signals (10/11/19), the sixth Beloved Binge record, is partly a reflection on the bands brief time as residents of New York; aging and living in an indifferent concrete anonymity that, through becoming “safe”, became soulless and sterile. On this newest LP the band grapple with profoundly serious issues – early death of loved ones (Departures II) including their 17-year old tour companion Syba (Departures I), border and body policy and human’s relationship to the animals they consume (NeWest) – with characteristic playfulness. Beyond this, they showcase the power of the absurd to help transcend despair.


–Adapted by Beloved Binge from Ever Kipp, Tiny Human


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Beloved Binge are preparing to release their 6th studio album, Signals, on October 11th. Read the story behind Signals.




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RIP, Binge Cafe.

From 2006 through 2015, Eleni Binge faithfully documented their tour adventures and misadventures (featuring Rob Beloved, their dog Syba, vegan cupcakes, and their Camper Van Weston). You can read the archives, and see photos of Rob with a mustache, at Binge Cafe.

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