• Live in Berlin
    Live in Berlin

    Photo from video by Franz at the Culture Container

  • Never, the end ep
    Never, the end ep

    Available on iTunes

  • Live in Paris
    Live in Paris

    Photo by Patrice Dang

  • What are you going to do today?
    What are you going to do today?
  • Live at the Pinhook
    Live at the Pinhook

    Photo by Jeanne Snodgrass

  • Beloved Binge on the radio, Athens, GA
    Beloved Binge on the radio, Athens, GA
  • Beloved Binge by Bonnie
    Beloved Binge by Bonnie
  • Beloved Binge by Alex
    Beloved Binge by Alex

Shuffle Magazine

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Shuffle Magazine’s Hannah Levinson interviewed Eleni Binge (me!) about our new record, Pockets. We were really impressed with her unique questions and approach.  Here is an excerpt from the top: Shuffle: Pockets is a tremendous record. Is there a story behind … Continued

Mini Bite-Sized SE Tour

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We began our journey in Weston with two differences:  the addition of Mike aka “Tofu Mama” on our journey and the debut of Syba, cuddle dog. Cuddles, live at the Flicker Bar She’s usually one to leave the minute you … Continued


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  On October 12th, Beloved Binge headed to Wilmington, NC, duo-style, and played at the Soap Box with the excellent Dearest We and Ponchos:     Big thanks to the bands, the fans, and the Star for recommending the show. … Continued


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Beloved Binge wrote much of the songs on Pockets from 2009 – 2012, recorded the album in 2011 with Jerry at Duck Kee Studios, then released it 9/22/12. Beyond the actual song writing and recording, leading up to the release, … Continued

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