I do what I want, when I want to do it

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 (but I don’t eat meat cause an animal grew it)

Behind the song, Zoe.

Anyone who does something out of the ordinary, or is somehow different than the common-stream, may have experienced this.

It’s the thing when someone asks you something that so many have asked before, and yet, out of something — decency? fatigue? — you must answer in a way to ensure the person feels as though it were an original question. Or maybe it is an assumption that they have, about you, or your kind, that is offensive. And yet, they’re decent people, maybe.

One of these said assumptions is that somehow, as a person who cuts something out (animal products), you must be an extremely restrictive person. A picky health-nut. Someone accustomed to sacrifice (of self, not animals. HA!) and perhaps, with that, someone with very little humor.  Someone who is restricted in motion and thought, if not spirit.  A person who, in short, doesn’t understand that it’s your right to eat what you want and cut your hair however seen fit.  Just sub this sentiment with “right to own/bear/shoot guns,” and you may see these gut reactions are cousins.


There are few lines in the song Zoe, but I (Eleni) wrote the lyrics with this in mind:

I do what I want (when I want to do it)

but I don’t eat meat cause an animal grew it.

You’re an animal…

Short, sweet, and most certainly cholesterol-free lyrics. “You’re an animal” can be taken as an accusation toward people who treat animals savagely.  The intent, however, was the opposite. We are animals, too.  The barrier between us and them is our power over them.  Our “better nature” we frequently espouse, that which separates us, so we say, can be enacted to protect them.

Thank you for watching the video I put together, having fun with old archive.org footage.

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