Behind the Binge

Beloved Binge was born in Seattle, WA in a small apartment in Capitol Hill in 2002, and relocated to Durham, NC for no specific but several reasons in late 2005.  They relocated again to NYC in 2016, and high-tailed it out of there to start their lives in Philly in January 2018. Perhaps this would be more easily conveyed by a timeline graphic.

They have performed hundreds of shows including three full US tours and a Europe tour. They play compassionate misanthropic misfit pop, or “rubble pop rooted in a punk pot with a hint of old Greek mountain village uprising.”  See some of their media coverage here.

They enjoy including the audience in their performances, and strive to connect with others through the opposite of war, music.


BB at the Pinhook
Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge, by Kim Gray


You can reach Beloved Binge by email at for booking, song, or merch inquiries.

You can join Beloved Binge’s love letter list (very infrequent missives) by clicking here.

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RIP, Binge Cafe.

From 2006 through 2015, Eleni Binge faithfully documented their tour adventures and misadventures (featuring Rob Beloved, their dog Syba, vegan cupcakes, and their Camper Van Weston). You can read the archives, and see photos of Rob with a mustache, at Binge Cafe.

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